The IAA Forum

The Forum of the Institute of Archæology and Antiquity at the University of Birmingham

The Forum is open to everyone, and is an ideal place to try out ideas and get feedback on research, as well as being an excellent opportunity to expand your academic CV.

The Forum allows participants to practise giving papers (ideal preparation for both the IAA's annual Colloquium and the CBOMGS Colloquium), get to grips with PowerPoint, receive feedback on any works-in-progress, improve their confidence at asking questions in public and — of course! — to meet and socialise with others. All those who speak at or chair a Forum session are given a goody bag of IAA Forum pen, post-it notes and a notepad as a thank you.

The Forum has strong links with Rosetta, the online journal of the IAA, and the Forum is an ideal place to trial-run an article before submitting it to the journal.

Next Session

The Forum meets weekly on Tuesdays at 5:30pm in the Peter Gelling Library, room 315 of the Arts Building.

For details of the current programme please see our Facebook group.

We are currently taking submissions for the Forum. If you have a paper in mind then please get involved! Papers can be any length from 10-45 minutes, and on any topic suitable for the IAA. We are especially looking for students from the same discipline to take part in subject-specific sessions, and for topics for discussion sessions.

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If you would like to be contacted with a reminder of when the next session will be, then please join our a Facebook group and you can also follow us on Twitter.